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LinkedIn for Freelancers: This is How to Make Connections the Right Way

Using LinkedIn can put you on the right path to uncovering new freelance opportunities. 

But if you do it the wrong way?

You can ruin your reputation as a service provider.

Here’s the good news…

Leveraging LinkedIn is easier than you might believe. 

Imagine this:

You move into a new area. 

You want to meet people and learn about the neighborhood. 

To do this, you could:

  1. Wait for your new neighbors to introduce themselves to you. 
  2. Knock on doors and strike up a friendly conversation when they answer. 
  3. Attempt to crash through their front doors and talk their ears off. 

In all three cases, you might come into contact with your new neighbors.

But the second approach will lead to the best possible results. 

Similar logic applies on LinkedIn.

Don’t assume that people will come to you. This is not a good strategy for growing your network. 

Don’t try to connect with people and bombard them with information about you or with a sales pitch they didn’t ask for. 

Is there a person you’ve been wanting to connect with?

Reach out to them today.

Explain why you’d like to be in their network.

Then engage in a respectful, human way. 

It really is that simple. 

And thank goodness…

It gives us a way to grow our circles without actually knocking on doors.


More on LinkedIn for Freelancers: Captivate + Convert Episode 030: Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Leads (With Freelancing Flow Author Alyssa Goulet)

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