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How to Start Freelance Writing: What You’ll Find Inside the Free Course

Are you an aspiring freelance writer? If so, I’m excited to tell you that my free e-course on how to start freelance writing is now available when you subscribe to my email list. If you’re new to this blog, welcome! I know you might be wondering: What is this course? Why should I subscribe to your list? In this post, I’m going to tell you why I created this course, what you can expect inside and why it’s free.


My freelance writing story

I started my freelance business about 5 years ago. While I was trying to get my business off the ground. No one around me knew what I was doing. I would frequently describe work that I was pitching or clients that I was pursuing and people would ask me if I was sure this is legit or if I was getting involved in some kind of scam. 

The world has come a long way in that short of time but most people still don’t have anyone to ask for advice. It’s hard to figure out where to start. So, many people jump in on their own and start doing research. The problem? You can become paralyzed by information overload. Ask me how I know. 


Freelance writing reality

There are many success stories online that sugar-coat the reality of freelancing. These stories can make people believe that their freelance business growth will look like this:


However, most freelancers I know (myself included) say that their businesses went a little bit like this:


It’s tough to stay motivated when you’re constantly comparing yourself to other freelancers and getting confused every time you hit a roadblock. 

I went through a lot of trial and error to build my business the way I want to and ultimately achieve the success that allowed me to do this full-time. There isn’t a single course out there that can guarantee that you won’t stumble along the way to building your business. However, learning from real experiences is one of the best ways to improve your business and accelerate your growth as a freelancer. I know, because I’ve taken several courses and learned from several mentors. Learning about their successes and failures gave me insight to better understand how to create a road map for my own business. That’s why I’m offering this course. I want to help you get on the fast-track to freelance success.


Who this course is for:

Anyone can take this course. because it’s free. That said, I did design this course with a specific persona in mind. if these things apply to you, you’re in the right place:

  •  You want to start a freelance writing business. 
  •  You researched freelancing, but all the information available about how to start freelance writing overwhelms you.
  •  You’re interested in a simple method to help you land your first freelance writing client. 

When I started freelancing, it took me a really long time to understand how to get paying gigs. I was interested in and how to grow my business the right way. This course is best for those who want to learn about freelance writing and take on their first paying client. It will teach you how to focus on what matters so you can stop wasting time and get a gig faster. 


What’s inside the course

This free course on how to start freelance writing is will go straight to your inbox. Each day you’ll receive a lesson that outlines the steps you should take to launch a successful freelance writing business. Here’s a quick look at what some of the lessons will cover.


My first writing gigs

I’ll share how I got my first writing gigs. I’ll also tell you what will help you get your first gig, even as a newbie.


Creating a portfolio

Creating a great portfolio is key to becoming a freelance writer. I’ll share my thoughts on what to include in your portfolio (+ what NOT to do).



Many freelance writers fear marketing their business but as intimidating as it might seem, marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. One small change in your thoughts about marketing can make a big difference. 

& more!


Why I’m offering this course for free

It has never been so easy to become a freelancer. Unfortunately, I see so many people who want to become a freelancer give up because they just don’t know where to begin. I’m creating the resource that I wish I had when I started. I want other people who are interested in freelancing to know that the path to success does have roadblocks, but they’re not impossible to get through. Having success as a freelancer is about building a business that works for you.

Understanding how freelancing works is the first step, learning from others is the second step. Then, it’s up to you to launch your biz, your way. No one’s freelance business works the same way and that’s not a bad thing. In this course, I want to encourage you to see how a freelance writing business is built, think through each step and then take action.

In this free course, you’ll see how I built my business. I’ll explain the steps I took in the right direction and missteps along the way. I want you to learn from my mistakes and be on the path to building a great business faster. 


Ready to jump into the course?

If you have questions about the free course, let me know in the comments. When you’re ready to sign up, you can check it out by clicking the button below. I can’t wait to help you start your freelance writing business. See you inside! 


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  1. Glennjamin

    Excited to get started!

    I feel like you said: “Stuck and not sure where to go.”

    I’ve tried Upwork and even reached out to a company before but either the pricing wasn’t right or someone had a better proposal…overall, just not working out which can be really discouraging despite the stories.

    Thanks for putting this together! Looking forward to what is inside!-


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